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Mégisserie Richard


Ancienne mégisserie à Creissels

Established in the middle of the 19th century, the Richard Tannery was a branch of the larger Richard Glove Factory (Ganterie Richard) with task to manufacture its supply of high quality tanned and dyed leather from raw hides, necessary to make world renowned luxury gloves.
In 1960, anticipating a slow down in the glove business, the company turns its dedication toward new outlets: lambskins for garments, which are becoming fashionable, for bags and shoes.

Since 2006, under the initiative of the current managing director Xavier Richard, the newly rebuilt factory (redesigned to meet high environmental and safety standards) enables higher and more streamlined productivity.

Meanwhile the focus is to continue to meet of all the excellence standards that brought the initial tannery’s fame and high demand with high end customers.

The Richard Tannery is one of very few manufacturors in the world to meet these expectations.

Chanel company becomes major shareholder of the company in 2016.



The production’s purpose is to transform raw  hides  into tanned, coloured refined leather which will in turn be used to create high end goods for the luxury industry : bags, shoes, garments and accessories.

Specialized in soft leather, the Richard Tannery works specifically on quality lambskins originating from a few select places such as “Aveyron” (south of France) and Entrefinos (Spain).

These skins are mostly treated nappa (the famous “plongé”), or suede.

For many years, and still today, the trade has continued to research ways to reduce the time to manufacture, as well as develop new  processes to meet customers specifications : increase leather resistance, set, meet and exceed international standards, while always preserving the traditional leather quality.
The production is now restricted to about 4 weeks depending on the desired type of leather: classic, crushed, pearly, mat, shiny etc...

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