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Our company specializes in the manufacturing of full aniline lambskins (plongé) and custom manufacture according to the customers technical and quality requirements.

We are able to deliver your collections and new products to your specifications within a rapid timeframe, and also sell our skins by unit, as we stock our 60 permanent standard colours .

Information contact: julien.denardo@megisserierichard.com    Tel +33 5 65 59 26 00


Bags, leather goods and accessories

Imper RKW :full aniline lambskin with a light waterproof finish

Nappa sport : full aniline lambskin (plongé)

Suede with and without grain (lining…)

Fancy leathers : metal, pearl, glittered, glossed, crushed, aged etc…


Socire : lambskin plongé with semi aniline finish

Nappa sport : classic lambskin plongé


Nappa sport : classic lambskin plongé

Nappa soft : smoother and lighter lambskin plongé

Toucher ganterie : lambskin plongé with glove touch

Natural : drummed lambskin plongé

Suede with, without grain and reversible

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